About the workshop

This event will begin with a brief introduction to gender issues in the animal advocacy community. Then, we will spend the rest of the morning training ourselves as bystanders through role play and collaborative problem solving. After lunch, participants will work together to develop community action plans. Groups will have the opportunity to create a specific gender equity solution and a plan for implementation. We will conclude with data-driven take-home recommendations to promote more equitable operations in our respective institutions.

Each participant will leave with the skills to create a more inclusive community of animal advocates. Together, we’ll work towards building a more inclusive animal advocacy movement where full participation is accessible to all.

This issue is broad, and the conversation is sure to be limited and imperfect. We are framing this event as a first step towards a longer ongoing conversation and effort towards equity in our animal advocacy community. We know that we will be limited by time and will have to leave many elements of this issue unexplored. The planners of this event do not consider themselves experts on this subject. We are hoping to facilitate a journey that will help foster growth and learning for all, including ourselves.